Trapeze Artists: What do they wear? (Explained)

Trapeze artists always look so colourful, swinging back and forth on the trapeze. It is important to always look good while being a performance artist.

Here Is What Trapeze Artists Wear:

Trapeze artists wear tights and stretch leggings and normally bare footed. When it comes to hair and makeup in practice you normally don’t dress up, but in performance that is a different story.

Below we are going to discuss trapeze artists and what they wear on their feet and in general, also mentioning about hair and makeup. Enjoy!

What Do You Wear to Trapeze?

There are a variety of options when it comes to clothing for trapeze. Here is some options of attire for a new trapeze artist.

Tight, stretch leggings or spandex pants – these give you flexibility and freedom of movement when you’re swinging around in the air, even if your outfit is slightly dressier than that.

Whatever colour they are, they should be form-fitting and show off your body (just enough to be flattering and not too much to be uncomfortable).

Spandex is not necessary but it also doesn’t hurt. If they’re tight, you’ll look good and focus on the flying – if they’re baggy, you’ll just look like a sack of potatoes.

A comfortable sports bra and top that covers your stomach. You might be nervous enough during your first act without showing off your muffin top.

A light shirt or tank to wear under the sports top. If you’re worried about showing off your bra, this way you can just take it off if you get too hot.

A nice sleeveless cotton blouse or t-shirt will work well; try not to wear anything too loose or baggy, as this might get in your way when you’re swinging around.

Neutral colours are best – black can work as an accent colour (such as for a belt or shoes) and some people prefer brighter colours such as blue or green, but don’t wear something that’ll clash with the trapeze apparatus around you or your partner.

The whole idea here is to wear something you feel comfortable in, so it’s best to stick with something simple and classic. It might be worth trying on your outfit before your first class or rehearsal, just to make sure it all feels right.

What Shoes Do Trapeze Artists Wear?

Actually, none. Most trapeze artists wear barefoot to trapeze class and on the apparatus. But incase you’re interested in wearing shoes, the best kind of shoes to wear when trapezing is athletic or dance sneakers .

Most trapeze artists (that I’ve watched and spoken with) prefer this kind because it’s much easier to work barefoot and you can safely grip the ropes and apparatus better with your toes.

So many trapeze artists work barefoot, but if you’re uncomfortable with that, sneakers are the next best thing.

Can You Do Acrobatics in a Corset?

Yes! Corsets are an undergarment traditionally used to create a desired silhouette or shape by decreasing the waistline of what is being worn. They can be made from many different materials.

Corsets are worn by trapeze artists usually when they are performing.

Corsets are still worn today by many people, especially those interested in historical clothing or punk fashion. They can be used to accentuate curves, by compressing the body and forcing fat (or padding) upwards to create attractive shapes.

Or they can be used to appear thinner than you might look without something restricting your waistline. But no matter what, corsets can be used to make you look beautiful and slim…

Wearing a corset is only one way to do acrobatics on the trapeze. You might like to try wearing a tight-fitting shirt (or tank top) with shorts over it, then putting on your leggings and sports bra.

That way you can show off your muscle and everything else (if done right) without having to worry about the corset constricting your movements or getting in the way of what you’re trying to do.

How Do Trapeze Artists Do Their Makeup?

Trapeze artists don’t need a lot of make-up to look their best. In class and rehearsal, it might be best to use the least amount possible so you won’t have to worry about makeup running if you sweat, or ruining your eye shadow or mascara if some gets in your eyes.

If you do choose to wear makeup, a simple combination of foundation, eyeliner, mascara and a little bit of lip-gloss will work well. The key is to blend everything so you’ll look natural – fake looking makeup isn’t very attractive.

In general, the less you wear, the better. Concentrate on making your eyes stand out by using eyeliner and mascara (and fake eyelashes if possible), then use a little bit of foundation to take away shine or redness. You can also use concealer under your eyes to hide dark circles.

Trapeze artists usually dodge their cheeks completely, because getting blush on your hands isn’t something you want to do, and you shouldn’t have to. If blush is something you like wearing, use a cream or powder kind that can be dabbed on without putting too much on your fingers.

How Do Trapeze Artists Do Their Hair?

The great thing about having short hair as a trapeze artist is that you can wear it in many different ways without having to worry about the hair getting in the way. This gives you much more room (and time) to experiment with your style, or try something new for each class or rehearsal.

Trapeze artists don’t need to curl their hair because they’re not trying to make it swoosh when they spin or do acrobatic moves (not to mention that ringlets and buns add more weight to your head, making you more likely to hit your head when doing tricks).

The main things someone with short hair should focus on is keeping the hair out of their eyes and off their neck in a comfortable way, and making sure it doesn’t distract or detract from what you’re trying to do.

For this reason, many trapeze artists keep their hair in a low pony tail at the back of their heads during practice or class. If they want something more than that, they might put it into a bun on top of the head (or leave it out entirely, since some trapeze artists do that), or they might opt for a braid.

There are so many interesting path in life and sometimes we find ourselves reaching out for something little more than usual. Being a acrobat is not at all simple and needs lots of hard work, training and focus to achieve success in your career. But when you do, it feels amazing and that’s the reason why everyone loves it.

As you can see, trapeze artists have many different options when it comes to their clothes. The only thing that stays constant is the leotard, tights and sports bra combination, because it needs to work for both male and female trapeze artists. Everyone else simply has fun with their clothing choice. The main thing is to make sure you’re comfortable and can move freely.

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