Meditation and Juggling: Consider These Things (Before Starting)

If you are considering juggling as a form of meditation. Here’s everything you need to know.

Here Is How Meditation and Juggling Work Together:

Meditation comes in many forms and everyone has their own way of practicing it.

Meditation experts now collectively agree that juggling is a form of meditation because it’s a great way to take your mind off other “unimportant” things.

It is something that can put you in a state of relaxed concentration, where you are concentrating on the matter at hand but there is no stress or anxiety attached to it.

But of course there is way more to this topic. Here is some further information.

Is Juggling Meditation?

It is very close to what we call meditation or spiritual enlightenment. Since juggling is a good exercise as well as an activity that relaxes your mind, it can be linked to meditation.

However, meditation is a very broad term that covers a number of areas, so we can say that juggling can help us perform better when we try meditation.

For some people, it can just be a skill or a physical activity that you pursue in your free time. However, for others, it’s a complete regimen to take their mind off something that is troubling them.

Juggling is an activity that can improve your timing and your rhythm, thereby relaxing your mind. You start believing in yourself and your skills and this is actually quite comforting.

When things are not going your way, take a ball and start throwing it from one hand to the other in a continuous fashion.

Once you think you have mastered the rhythm, add a second ball. Now you have to juggle both balls simultaneously, which requires a little extra concentration.

The traditional juggling cascade involves three balls, so whenever you’re ready just add a third ball and you will be good to go

Will Juggling Help Clear My Mind?

According to a study, juggling actually helps certain areas of the brain to develop further. However, another study revealed that if you stopped juggling at some point in your life, your brain will go back to its initial state.

So, if you want to experience the benefits of juggling for a long time, you have to practice it regularly.

Our mind is almost always functioning, one way or the other. A jumble of thoughts is going on and we simply cannot concentrate on a single matter in our life completely.

To take your mind off unnecessary thoughts and stressors, you need an exercise that involves not just physical action but mental action as well.

Juggling is the best example of such an exercise. Once you master juggling with three balls, you will experience that it’s the most satisfying activity in the world.

Forget about all those anti-stress products that we now see on the market. Do this exercise regularly and you will notice that it quickly clears your mind before you start meditating.

Is Juggling Relaxing?

As pointed out earlier, juggling is an exercise that puts us in a state of relaxed concentration. You might be wondering that not everyone can juggle like an expert.

Well, you will be surprised to find out that everyone can learn to juggle only if they put their mind to it.

So, to learn this simple yet relaxing act, you have to concentrate on the movement of the balls to time it perfectly. Otherwise, you know what will happen, don’t you?

It’s better if you have a friend or a family member who wants to participate in this sport with you. If you have a competitor, you work harder.

And this will further enhance your ability to focus on the balls and relax internally.

If you juggle for some time, you will notice that it gives you a sense of flow and a feeling that calms your mind.

This sensation would persist for some hours after you stop juggling. So, people use this technique before they start practicing meditation as a prelude so their concentration and focus would improve.


While juggling might seem like an activity to onlook and enjoy when someone else is doing it, try practicing it yourself and you will see that it’s quite relaxing.

If you want to take your mind off the daily grind, stop looking for other techniques. Simply grab a couple of balls and start juggling. Not only will it improve your hand-eye coordination but it will also enhance your ability to think straight.

It’s an exercise you will never get bored of and most importantly it will help you concentrate and attain the desired state in meditation.

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