Juggling knives VS Torches (Which Is Better)

Juggling anything apart from balls is for the experienced juggler. This includes using torches or knives, as these both carry risks.

Here Is Why Torches Are Harder To Juggle Than Knives:

Juggling both knives and torches both look really good in the audience, and are both for only experienced jugglers. You really need to be able to juggle clubs first before moving into knives or torches.

Juggling a torch is more dangerous than a knife as it has the fire element to it, and you can get burnt if you make a slip up. Where you can buy specific juggling knives. So knives would be easier to learn than torches.

Let’s see which one is best for you!

How Do You Juggle Knives?

Knife juggling can be done using blunt knives as props which you will throw them up ad catch them.

It is a dangerous exercise that attracts so many viewers. Therefore one can learn it for recreational purposes or to do it as performance art.

Before you learn to juggle knives, you need to learn how to juggle other objects like clubs, and then it will become an easy activity.

However, you can still learn to juggle nice efficiently if you follow some precautious process first.

Firstly, you need to sharpen your knives because they cannot be predictable when they are blunt. Using a sharp knife can be safe.

Secondly, you can begin your juggling practice using at least three blades.

When you start with three blades, you will develop your muscle memory for juggling, which will eventually become harder to break with exercise. Therefore, ensure that you don’t understand some wrong juggling moves when learning, which will be harder to un-learn.

Okay, with these few precaution measures, now you can be ready to learn how to juggle your knives.

To begin, start the knife juggling practice by letting your chosen blades drop from one hand and then catch the handle with your other hand.

It is crucial to know that because the knives will be dropping, they will be safer to see them because they have less kinetic energy.

Once you have gotten the hang of that, begin to throw the knives up and catch them.

Note that you need to catch them to the point where you start throwing them up.

This ensures that the gravitational energy is just the same as from the beginning of the throw, which is safe for a catch once again.

Once you have practice, practice how to perform the handle flicks for the knives to start spinning. This process needs control, and to get the best power, your blades need to have a lot of rotational inertia.

So, start your knives off in a vertical position, pointing them upwards.

From there, spin them fast with a flick of your wrist around the axis, the same way you would turn a dinner plate. Throw upwards like previously and catch them with your other hand.

Practice the traditional head over heels spin once you have learned to do the most extended axis spin.

This process begins with withholding your hands out, then flick the tips of your knives backward towards your face and while doing this, throw them up in the air to perform a dinner plate flick.

By now, you must have learned how to throw your knives with one hand and catch them with the other one. You can proceed to throw the blades back.

Would you please do this by looking straight ahead and flicking the other hand to catch them when you feel the knife handle touching it?

At this juncture, you do not have to worry because the muscle memory-building exercise that you practice will help you perform a perfect return throw.

How Do You Juggle Torches?

Before beginning this process, ensure that your juggle torches are well designed with rubber rings or different safe cushioning forms at their widest point.

This ensures that the body of your club, when it falls, will not be damaged.

When choosing a fuel type to use, avoid petrol as it can be dangerous. Paraffin can work best as it burns with a relatively calm flame than a different fuel.

Start by juggling clubs before you proceed to juggle your torches when they are unlit when you become comfortable juggling your torch without moving your feet consistently for at least a minute.

Then you will now be ready to start practicing with a lighting torch. Ensure that you practice away from objects that will not catch fire if you drop your torch.

Also, when you drop your torch, please pick it up quickly and keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

Psychologically, you will be affected at the beginning when you see and feel the heat in front of you, don’t be intimidated. It would be best if you could practice at night or when it is dark outside.

This way, your focus will be more on the torch tip rather than focusing on the handle. The part that you will be catching is the point without fire.

A torch juggling is pretty much the same as juggling clubs.

The only difference is that the degree to which you will not want to catch the wrong side, which has fire, will be more substantial than juggling with clubs.

The most important thing is to trust your throws when doing torches, maintain your balance, and focus well on the lit part to avoid catching fire.

Which Is Harder, Juggling A Knife Or A Torch?

Neither can be dangerous when you are skilled enough.

This is because when you notice you have done a lousy toss, you can step away. There are some elements of risk on both that need the juggler to take measures to avoid any calamity.

The problem with juggling a torch which makes it more complicated than a knife is when your end up grabbing the point that has fire because it will burn you.

The fine soot that the torch releases can also affect your skin when they land on it and may not come out quickly when washed.

Additionally, when you juggle in public, it poses a danger to your surroundings and audience compared to knives.

Juggling with knives may only pose a danger to the juggler, but this danger can be eliminated by using professional juggling knives that are safer to use.

Therefore, juggling a torch is dangerous than juggling knives.

Juggling torches can be a fan in front of a crowd because they cheer you up and encourage you to go on.

However, many places restrict juggling with a torch for safety concerns. But the process is just the same as juggling knives.

Which Brand Of Knives Is The Best To Buy For Juggling?

When looking for juggling knives, the best brand to choose from includes Dube and Higgins Brother.

(I)Dube Juggling Knives

Dube juggling knives are unique, and one can also order customized knives. Professional knife jugglers have used this brand of knife for many years.

They have optimal balance and weight. Their blades are made from stainless steel, which does not rust easily. They have handles made from solid hardwood in black or natural colors with a perfect gloss lacquer finish.

The handles are secured perfectly to the blade using custom-made screws and sleeve fasteners. Therefore, you can tighten them when you want, or you want to replace the handle.

Dube knives also have a spherical knob to perform your juggling and swings with a flat end for balancing. Additionally, the cutting edge is specially grounded, and it looks sharp, but it is very safe when using it during performances.

You can order any number of knives you want, and they will be shipped to your destination for around $65 per knife before including the shipping cost.

If you desire a custom-made knife, you can place your order and preference. Return policy is not complicated, so long as you do it within 30 days after receiving your order.

(II) Higgins Brother juggling knives

The Higgins brother brand comes in a set of three, which are realistic, and they have edges that are not sharp but look brilliant.

They will pose any danger to you because of their dull edges. They also have nicely wrapped handles that are easy to catch during throws, and the end cap makes them easy to balance during performances.

You can place your order for them on various online platforms, and they will be delivered to you faster. Shipping is easy, and it is also easy to return them if you find they have some issues within 30 days after delivery.

Which Brand Of Torches Is The Best To Buy For Juggling?

The superior brand of torches to buy for juggling performances is those from the Rolls-Royce fire club.

Worldwide many jugglers are using the Nite-Flite types.

This make is classic and has a decorated body and nice-looking air-cushioned handles. This makes them the perfect prop that you can purchase for your performances.

The Nite-Flite torches also have predictable behavior when you perform floaty spin with them. Once you learn them, you will not cause any harm to yourself and your audience.

This brand is light and robust; it has a well-fitted ash wood core fitted well with aluminum tube reinforcement that extends to the handle, thus making it durable.

There are also a few additional accessories that will come with your purchase.

You can place your order on various online platforms like Amazon for around $.49.99.

Shipping charges will apply separately, depending on your location. It is available in several color options to choose from and comes with a well-fitted drawstring travel bag.

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