Juggling 3 balls: How To Do It? (For Beginners)

Learning juggling is a great idea that many people around the world tackle everyday. Starting with 2 balls at the start and then moving onto juggling three balls at a time.

Here Is How You Juggle 3 Balls At A Time:

Here are the best tips to juggling 3 balls at a time:

Finding all matching balls

Use 2 balls in 1 hand (prevailing hand) and 1 ball in the other

Have your elbows curve at 90 degrees

Begin to toss one of the paired up balls smoothly

Throw the ball in the reverse hand into the air straight after

Toss the remaining last ball

In this article we are going to go over in detail how you can take that next step to your juggling practice with the below.

How Do You Juggle Three Balls For Beginners?

Juggling a ball effortlessly may look impossible, especially after watching someone do it with some perfection, but with practice and endurance, you can do it too.

What is essential is to know how to perfect your toss and then practice so that you become comfortable with your catch and how you through the balls. Here are the basic steps to follow to help you as a beginner:

(I)Find your three matching balls

For beginners, it will be easy to start learning how to juggle by finding your three balls of the same scope and weight.

Additionally, ensure that your balls are less bouncy because you will find yourself dropping them quite often on the floor when beginning. Baseballs are the best type to look out for to practice with.

(II)Use your Prevailing hand to hold two balls and the other one on the other hand.

As you begin your practice, holding two balls in your dominant will not become easier. The more you practice and become better; you can start to use either of your hand.

(III)Stand and position your elbows curve at 90 degrees

When standing, ensure that your elbow is positioned at 90 degrees and put your palms facing upwards.

Ensure that you look straight in front of you because looking down at your hand while trying to juggle, you will drop the balls and fail to see their movement.

(IV) Begin to toss one of the paired up balls up in the air smoothly

When tossing the ball, ensure that it reaches your eye level. The more you practice at this position and become better; you will be able to raise your balls.

Toss the balls at a slight angle so that when they drop in the air, they will move towards the other direction of the opposite hand. This will ensure that you catch them quickly.

(V)Throw the ball in the reverse hand into the air straightway after

The moment you toss your first ball into the air, your other hand should be ready to launch the other ball gently.

Ensure that the same amount of force that you begin throwing the first ball, you maintain it. Also, toss it at an angle to ensure that its trajectory lands properly on your other hand.

(VI)Toss the remaining last ball in your dominant hand air-bone

It would be best if you toss the remaining ball the same way and the first two balls.

Ensure that you carry on the process immediately after launching the second ball. When you have already tossed your last ball in the air, all three balls will remain in the air briefly.

(VII)Catch the balls systematically in the order that you began throwing them

The first ball you began with should be the one to catch it first, followed by the second ball and then the last one in that order. Each ball should land in your opposite hand where it started.

For instance, if you began with two balls in your left hand, the two balls should end up in your right hand by now. The more you practice and become better; you can work on tossing your balls faster.

Remember, in the beginning, and you will find yourself moving forward when juggling. That will not be a crime. It is very typical for newbies.

Gradually, as you continue practicing, you will learn to stand still as you juggle and even keep the balls in constant motion.

Do not stop practicing. In the end, you will improve in your speed and will stop dropping the balls. Integrate variations in your daily routine to become a pro.

What Is The Juggling Pattern For 3 Balls?

The juggling pattern that one form when juggling more than two balls is called the multiplex pattern. When you perform it using three balls, it is known as a triplex.

What Is The Basic Juggling Pattern Called?

The basic juggling pattern is known as the ‘rolling out’ pattern. Under this pattern, you will be juggling the balls to move to the right hand in a clockwise direction, and the balls form an arc.

On the other hand, you may force them to the left hand counter clockwise and form an arc.

This exercise is caught on the other hand, and then the object used is transported again towards the juggler’s body midline to perform the next toss.

What Is A Normal Juggling Pattern Called?

The regular juggling pattern is known as a cascade. It is the most straightforward process to achieve a juggling pattern using an odd number of balls.

Usually, in the cascade, the object for juggling will be thrown from the position of the hand near the body’s midline to form an arc as they pass beneath the preceding throw as they move towards the other side of the juggler’s body.

They will be caught in that direction and be transported back towards the body’s midline to perform another throw.

From this pattern, the balls will be traveling along the eight-figure path that is formed by the cascade.

During a cascade, when the balls cross from one hand to the other, the demand is that the juggler should catch the balls at the same degree that the other hand is throwing them and also take the same turns. Here is a good article on cascade juggling.

How Do You Juggle Three Balls In A Circle?

Before you begin juggling, you need to select suitable balls for this exercise.

These chosen balls should be comfortable to hold in your hands and be of small size and not weigh a lot of kilograms.

Also, ensure that your balls are not so elastic to avoid bouncing a lot when they drop on the ground.

To start, you need to practice your three-ball juggling using a single ball.

(I)One Ball

One ball-tossing at the beginning of juggling practice is to help you master the technique of tossing and become perfect. Take your ball into the right hand, which in this case is your main hand.

Through the ball up into the air so that it may describe the arc before it lands on your left hand.

When you through the ball in the air, ensure that it can reach your eye level, which in this case is the optimal height.

It is essential to know that when you through the ball too high, it will not be easy to keep track of the other balls for this activity.

Additionally, when you perform a weak toss, you will be forced to manipulate your ball throw quickly.

Try to make a circular movement with the ball as if you are scolding your ball inside. This is to prepare you to work with your other two balls in your hands.

(II) Two Balls

After juggling with a single ball, using two balls may appear more complicated initially.

Take your two balls and place each ball in your different hands.

Return the ball that you hold in your right hand, and as soon as it reaches the maximum height within this case is your eye level, through the other ball on your left hand up.

Remember, the balls should draw an arc when they are in flight.

To describe an arc with your balls, ensure that you catch the ball with your left hand before holding it with the right hand. It would be best during juggling not to keep your balls so much harder.

Ensure that you keep your palms in a relaxed position and slightly open.

As you continue working with the two balls, ensure that your movement does not reach automatism.

This will prepare you well to transition to the third ball and perform the juggling with some ease.

(III) Three Balls

The principle that you will juggle with three balls is the same as that of using two balls.

You need to hold two balls in your dominant hand and the other ball in the other hand. You will be required to throw the third ball after the second ball is air-bone and has reached the necessary maximum flight height level.

Throw the first ball that you are holding on your right hand until it reaches the top point to throw the ball that you are holding on your left hand.

When this ball has to get to an eye-level point, throw the other ball on the right hand. at this point, you will have two balls lying in your left hand and one in the right hand

This trick will appear complicated at first; do not repeat the same exercise immediately to perform the exercise continuously. Move your three balls once, and then stop.

Continue doing so until you begin to start getting used to all the movements. Then you can now begin to go full-fledged with juggling with three balls.

When you become perfect at juggling your three balls in a circle, you can perform the exercise more quickly and become an expert in juggling. Pay time to practice at least once a day.

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