Is Aerial Yoga Good For Weight Loss? (Guide + Tips)

Aerial yoga is a fantastic workout, and a wonderful way to slim your waistline.

Here Is How Aerial Yoga Good For Weight Loss:

The American council on Exercise completed case studies on women who completed 3 sessions of aerial yoga per week (50 min sessions) experienced considerable weight loss. The studies also confirm that each session of aerial yoga had a weight loss of 2 and a half pounds.

We will be speaking about in this article how aerial silk is good for weight loss, how much weight you can lose, and the great benefits of starting aerial yoga. Thanks for reading.

Is Aerial Yoga Good For Weight Loss?

Yes, it is. When you perform aerial yoga, you will be using a silk hammock to carry out your poses and stretches, which will help you to increase your flexibility.

Therefore, the silk hammock allows you to perform your workout more or less intensely, depending on the type of exercise or experience level. This form of yoga can help you reduce your weight or increase your strength and balance during this time.

The Yoga Chakra experts attest that aerial yoga can help you lose some of your weight. They believe that when you practice this type of yoga, you will be challenging your body muscles during the exercise to finish yoga stretches when you are in the air. In the process, your body will be building tones and lean muscles. Additionally, you will burn your body fat.

You will lose weight when undertaking all the full yoga poses recommended in aerial yoga, such as sun salutations or even some of your poses. Supposing you try the more vigorous practice, you will burn more calories during the workout.

Another study conducted by the American Council on Exercise(ACE) discovered that women who were case studies who attended aerial yoga classes for six weeks and did three-50 minutes of practice weekly experience changes in their bodies.

They were able to lose two and a half pounds on average. They also lost 2 percent of their body fat and one inch on their waist.

Can You Lose Weight Doing Aerial Silks?

Yes, you can. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) believes that you can lose about 320 calories when participating in a single aerial silk session that lasts 50 minutes.

Participate who took three sessions on aerial classes per week for about six weeks were able to shade about two and a half pounds, one inch on their waist, and 2 percent of their body fats during the study session.

Is Aerial Yoga A Good Workout?

Aerial yoga is an incredible workout that everyone can gain from. The suspension of your body in the air is helpful for beginners and experienced yoga performers in equal measure.

Firstly, if you have back pains that affect most people sitting for long hours, your body will experience far less pressure mid-air when performing aerial yoga. Here is a good article on how Aerial Yoga is good for Scoliosis.

Therefore, your joints will not experience strain on the spine and relieve the back pain you have been suffering from. You will enjoy a full-body workout without experiencing any discomfort.

Aerial yoga is more challenging compared to the regular type of yoga. Therefore, performing it requires you to focus on carrying out all the different poses. As a beginner, you need to be more focused to accomplish the unfamiliar pose. This focus enables you to give maximum concentration and be engaged all the time.

Another reason why aerial yoga is incredible is that it improves your flexibility. When using an aerial yoga sling, you will have more freedom during your movement session. As a result, you will access most yoga positions that you typically struggle with, enabling you to perform more profound and more rewarding stretching.

The joy that comes with performing aerial yoga can enable you to enjoy the gratification of doing something new with different stretches. As a result, you will have tremendous stress relief.

Aerial yoga is an excellent practice to increase your lung capacity. The exercise you will perform during the session is impressive to help you learn how to deepen your breath and expand your lung capacity.

During an aerial yoga session, breath is critical to perform safely and comfortably while on air. It will help if you put a lot of focus on your breath when going through complex sequences, bringing yourself to the present moment when you face some destruction or when you are faced with challenging emotions such as fear, panic, and more.

Maintaining balance and proprioception is a critical component that you need to have to perform aerial yoga. During the yoga session, proprioception works as your sixth sense. It enables you to sense how to position your body without putting so much thought into it. Therefore, you can balance your body well.

Aerial yoga is even more fun. When looking for ways to change your workout routine, consider aerial yoga. It is a great way to help you mix things up. You will enjoy a new experience out of your comfort zone when your body is suspended in the air.

What Are The Aerial Yoga Benefits?

Yoga is good for your body and mind. With aerial yoga practice, you will achieve more unique benefits that will promote your mental health and boost your overall fitness level, such as:

(I)Boosts your Flexibility: When you suspend your body in the air during aerial yoga, you will be releasing tension in your body. As the practice deepens, you will increase your body flexibility. Further, your ligaments area will lengthen, and your body muscles will begin to relax during the yoga session. Performing aerial yoga when your body is suspended strengthens your body core muscles and improves the flexibility of your shoulders and spinal code.

(II)Get rid of Back Pain: If you constantly have constant back pain, aerial yoga can work wonders to help you sort some of the spinal issues affecting you. Most exercise done during aerial yoga sessions elevates stress on the back area.

The maximum benefit of aerial yoga is decompressing the spine area. Therefore, it is used during physical rehabilitation to help patients occasionally. This exercise allows you to hang freely, and in the process, your spine begins to gain strength.

(III)Helps improve your Mood: Any yoga exercise can enhance your mood and relieve your body the stress you are experiencing.

These benefits will be improved even further when it comes to aerial yoga. You will realize that your anxiety disappears as you hang freely in the air during the exercise. Additionally, it gives you psychological benefits like any other form of workout you may engage in as it helps you rebuild your affected emotional system.

(IV)Battles Heart Problems: Aerial yoga help with boosting the blood circulation in the body. Therefore, your body can fight heart diseases by detoxing, which helps to reduce the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases.

(V)Aids Digestion: When you stretch your body and perform upside-down movement during aerial yoga sessions, you may think it will affect your digestion system.

You don’t have to worry it the exercises you will be performing will improve your digestive system functioning. The training will help you with various digestive problems you might have, such as indigestion and constipation. Additionally, the stretching you will perform helps you with your abdomen relaxation and relieves you from irritable bowel syndrome.

(VI)Improves Balance: Going against gravity as you turn upside down on-air may give your body many benefits during yoga. Performing aerial yoga will help you become stable with good balance to perform various grueling activities daily.

(VII)You will Cultivate New Body Skills: You may perform different inversion poses that you could not perform previously with aerial yoga exercise. It helps you learn new body skills when your body is suspended against gravity. Therefore, your stretches will improve and become non-restrictive and more effective.

(VIII)Rejuvenates the Body: Occasional aerial yoga exercise helps in cleansing your system and improving your internal body functioning. The activity starts by improving the functioning of the circulatory system. As a result, this leads to improvement of the respiratory and digestive systems.

When your body functions are controlled with aerial yoga, you will boost your mental abilities in the process, which ensures that your mind is relaxed; your skin begins to nourish. This will be a win-win situation for the rest of your body functions.

(IX)Makes you Smarter: If you do not know that aerial yoga can make you smarter, you are now in the know. Aerial yoga can help you improve your concentration and memory. It does this by fortifying the neutral connections. As a result, you develop better memory power. When your neutral relations strengthen, linked with a person’s mental ability, you will become more intelligent.

(X)Offers Complete Workout: When you constantly switch from upper body workout to lower body parts, with aerial yoga, you can perform them both at ago. The benefits of performing aerial yoga are allowing your entire body to move and stretch at the same time, which as a result, will tone and redefine the whole muscles of your upper and lower body. In a way, engaging in aerial yoga helps you to strengthen and regenerate your joints during the workout session.

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