How To Juggle Chainsaws? (All Questions Answered)

Juggling chainsaws is not for the light-hearted as it has the danger factor built into it. Normally people that juggle chainsaws have been juggling for years.

Here Is How You Can Juggle A Chainsaw:

Many people around the world can juggle chainsaws and this includes in the circus or experienced performers. If you are a beginner it is best to learn the basics before even considering this sort of juggling.

A starting point is to learn very basic juggling patterns while juggling chainsaws including “The Fountain”. A chainsaw should never be started whilst juggling as this is never recommended.

Below we have discovered and answered all questions regarding how to juggle chainsaws with the best tips and tricks to get you going with your new skill.

How To Juggle Chainsaws?

Before you decide to juggle chainsaws, make sure that you truly feel ready to progress on from your previous props because it will take a lot of work and is a very dangerous thing to do.

Your hand-eye coordination will need to be absolutely perfect when you juggle a chainsaw. Though you’ll have built up your skill set from juggling other props, chainsaws really take things up a level.

Before you start juggling, hold the chainsaws in your hands to get a feel for them. Pay attention to how much they weigh and how your hands wrap around them.

You should never start juggling with a prop, especially one so potentially dangerous, without getting a feel for it first.

Because of their weight and size, you should do very basic juggling patterns with chainsaws. Professionals will perform lots of complicated stunts, but those are an aspiration, not a starting point.

And you should definitely not attempt to juggle running chainsaws until you are very experienced with them because that is a massive safety hazard.

Chainsaws have a good spin when they are thrown properly, so you need to work on the momentum and how high you throw them.

You don’t want to toss them wildly, but you also need to get them high enough to flip them.

Always hold the handle of the chainsaw and never attempt to catch it by the blade, even when stationary, because it will injure your hand.

Start with the Fountain. This is done with a chainsaw in each hand, though you should start with one chainsaw in one hand and then train up your second hand afterwards.

Simply throw the chainsaw into the air, where it will spin once, and then catch it again by the handle.

A traditional Fountain is usually done with four props, two in each hand, but you can follow the same pattern with just two chainsaws.

Throw them both up at the same time, watch them spin, then catch them again. Your hands should mirror each other.

Once you’ve worked hard at using two chainsaws, it is possible to add in a third. This pattern is called the Cascade, and it is done with an odd number of props. Here is a good article on 3 ball juggling.

To do this, you throw one chainsaw, then throw the second when the first has reached its peak, catch the first in your empty hand, and then throw the third chainsaw from your empty hand.

Chainsaws should always be juggled when switched off. Of course, plenty of daredevil jugglers turn them on, but this is done for performances and entertainment.

If you want to progress to that level, work as hard as possible to master juggling stationary chainsaws, and then you’ll be able to train with them switched on for entertainment.

Is It Possible To Juggle A Chainsaw?

It is absolutely possible to juggle a chainsaw. In fact, with a lot of patience, practice and motivation, it is possible to juggle multiple chainsaws at once.

Of course, this level of skill and efficiency is not achieved overnight, so it will be much further into juggling that you decide to juggle dangerous objects.

The Guinness World Record for the most consecutive chainsaw juggling catches is currently held by Ian Stewart, who achieved 105 catches.

You won’t need to aim for that sort of goal when learning how to juggle chainsaws, but it is possible to become very proficient at it the more you practice.

You’ll need to be patient and accept that you won’t be able to juggle chainsaws right away. It can take some jugglers years to feel comfortable using them as props, even when they’re turned off.

Never overwhelm yourself by using more than one chainsaw until you feel completely ready because juggling heavy props without enough confidence and accuracy could end very badly.

What Does Juggling Chainsaws Mean?

The phrase juggling chainsaws means replacing other props, like balls or rings, with real chainsaws.

These would definitely not be used by casual jugglers because even when turned off, chainsaws are heavier and more dangerous props that are typically only juggled for entertainment purposes.

If you do want to learn how to juggle chainsaws, getting training from a professional juggler would be in your best interest.

The majority of jugglers are self-taught, but using larger props that could seriously injure you if the routine went wrong requires extra help.

If you are an experienced juggler and you’re confident in your abilities then you can move onto juggling chainsaws, but it will still feel like a huge jump from juggling other props.

What Sort Of Chainsaws Do You Use For Juggling?

You should try to find chainsaws that are as light as possible to use in juggling. If the chainsaws are quite blunt, or if they have a locking mechanism on the chain then even better.

These features, as well as good grips on the handle, will reduce the risk of harm occurring, though you’ll still need to be as careful as possible.

Online retailers market some of their chainsaws as juggling chainsaws, so you should look for those specifically. They’ll be lighter, safer and designed for juggling.

Chainsaws can be quite expensive, but you want a juggling chainsaw from a reputable brand because these stunts must be taken very seriously and always hold safety as the main priority.

Do People Just Juggle Chainsaws In The Circus?

Chainsaw juggling is common in the circus because it is such a dramatic and fantastical form of entertainment.

However, it is not just performed in the circus. Plenty of professional jugglers use chainsaws as entertainment and people will hire them for different events.

For instance, chainsaw juggling may be done as entertainment at parties, weddings, planned events, or as part of a show.

People enjoy the danger of the act and it is truly a nail-biting form of entertainment that will greatly impress your audience.

You can juggle chainsaws anywhere, though you will usually be hired or requested to perform with them for a specific event.

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