Can Hula Hoop Slim Your Waist? (How Many Calories You Will Burn)

Hula hooping has been around for so many years, and is popular with kids and performers around the world. It is also a fantastic exercise you that you can complete at home for weight loss.

Here Is How Hula Hooping Can Slim Your Waist:

Hula hooping definitely burns calories, it also strengthens your core muscles (your abs). Incorporating Hula hooping into your exercise routine will burn fats and inches and reduces abdominal fat. It is also a lot of fun to do too!

Within this article we are going to speak about the amount of calories 10 minutes and 20 minutes will lose, how exactly hula hooping will slim your waistline, and whether it will give you abs. Thanks for reading.

Can A Hula Hoop Slim Your Waist?

Yes, it can. Think again if you believe that hula hooping is designed for kids’ play.

You can use this simple equipment during your fitness exercise to boost the fun part and give you a perfect workout result at the same time.

Routine exercise for helping you get a perfect shape needs engaging in something that you can enjoy to make that physical activity a regular thing and part of your life.

When you engage in a workout that you want, you are likely to be looking forward to doing it and find the inner motivation to keep improving yourself.

It will be helpful also if the exercise activity can improve your health and fitness level in various ways, and that is precisely what hula hooping can do and help improve your waistline.

Here are the benefits you can enjoy with a hula hoop calories exercise.

(I)Burns Calories: Reducing calories is one of the primary goals you need to work on to improve your waistline. Therefore, finding an exercise activity that is designed towards achieving that while you enjoy it as you burn calories can be the best thing to make that happen.

To slim your waist and create a calorie deficit in that body part, you need to engage in an activity that will raise your heart rate, and hula hooping is the best type of fun activity to help you do that.

The American Council on Exercise study indicates that you will shade about seven calories per minute when you exercise with hula hooping. During a marathon exercise for 30 minutes workout, you will lose about 210 calories.

(II)Tests your body core muscles: When you exercise with a hula hoop, the exercise involves moving your hips to hold the ring around your waist .this will prevent it from falling to the ground.

As you keep the hoop moving, this exercise engages your body with strong core muscles, and you will develop good mobility around your hips and waistline ads. This helps shape your waistline when you practice with a hula hoop regularly.

(III)Burns body fats and Inches: When you burn calories while exercising with a hula hoop and introduce the correct type of food in your diet. Chances of reducing your body fat will increase.

According to the findings from a small 2015 study. When you want to lose some inches around your waist area and hips, consider hooping with a hula hoop, especially those using a weighted hula hoop.

Hula hopping will help you burn a significant amount of calories, and you will lose more weight faster, especially near the waistline, where there is vigorous movement during the exercise.

The hoop will also balance your body shape and not just your waist by toning the muscles of your oblique, lower back, midsection, abs, and hips. Practice with your hoop for at least 10 minutes daily to see these results.

Does Weighted Hula Hooping Help Slim Your Waist?

As its name suggests, a weighted hula hooping is usually more prominent and made with soft materials. Exercising with it can reduce weight ad help slim your waist.

Here are potential benefits you will enjoy working with to help you achieve your small waist goals.

(I)Reduce fat on the waist and hips: A small 2015 research evaluated the benefits women can achieve when they exercise with a weighted hula hooping for six weeks.

After a vigorous six-week exercise using a weighted hula hoop, the researcher realized that 13 women employed in the study could lose inches on their waist and hips.

Overall, the 13 women who took part in the study lost an average of 3.4 centimeters (1.3inches) on their waistline. They also lost 1.4 centimeters (0.6 inches) on their hip region.

(II)Burns Calories: Women can work out with a weighted hula hoop and burn about 165 calories in 30 minutes of exercise. On the other hand, men can burn about 200 calories simultaneously.

You can compare this hula hoop exercise to other aerobic activities such as mowing the lawn, walking for 4.5 miles an hour, pushing a mower, and ballroom dancing.

(III)Reduces Abdominal Fat: A study conducted in 2019 was used to compare the benefits individuals who took part in weighted hula hooping program enjoyed with those of overweight individuals who took part in a walking program.

A total of 53 people took part in the study on two sides and performed an average of exercising with hula hooping for 12.8 minutes per day or walking 9,986 steps per day.

The finding showed that those who participated in the hula hooping program had a significant amount of fats on their abdominals and trimmed inches on their waistline compared to those subjects in the walking group.

Does The Hula Hooping Give You Abs?

A short answer is yes. Engaging in hula hooping exercises can help tighten your abs and improve your waist. This fitness exercise has received a rave from fitness gurus and people of all walks of life.

You can try these different hula hoop exercises if you want to have killer abs like actress Zooey Deschanel, singer BeyoncĂ©, and basketball star Shaquille O’Neal. They are widely known to embrace hula exercises.

(I)Hoop Side Stretches: Stretching before starting a workout is always advisable. Performing your stretches can help you get used to your hoop.

You can begin by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart as you hold your ring in the air on top of your head. Follow it by leaning to one side as you stretch your sides and warming your body .hold the stretch in that position for a few seconds, then switch to the other sides.

(II)The Booty Bump: From all the different types of hula hoop exercises you can try, this one can be awkward when you try it for the first time, but never lose hope, trust the process.

With your feet shoulder-width apart, try to bend over slightly with your back at a 45-degree angle from your hips. To keep the hoop in motion, you will have to pop your booty. Keep trying the move until you perfect it. These moves will help you burn most of your belly fat.

(III)The Ninja Pass: This hula exercise can work wonders on your oblique muscles and give you the dreaded V-shape abs that you have been dreaming of.

To begin this exercise, plant your feet to the ground shoulder-width apart and then bend your knees somewhat. Pick your hoop, hold it in your right hand, and twist your waist to your right shoulder.

After turning it to the left side, you pass the circle to your left hand. You can repeat the process and rest when you need. When you begin the exercise for the first time, the added weight can be challenging, but you will get used to it.

(IV)Forward Stance Hula: This type of hula hoop exercise’s primary goal is to stretch the lower abdomen and lower back muscles.

Begin by standing with one foot in front of the other and then keep your hoop spinning as you move your hips backward and forwards.

Continue to hoop this way for 30 seconds, and then switch your legs. Within a short time, you will begin to feel the heat before you know it.

(V)Basic Hula Hoop: For you to master this type of hula exercise, it would be best to get in touch with your inner child.

Begin the practice by standing with your feet planted to your shoulder-width apart and your hoop around the waistline.

Proceed by making the ring go with an arm push and wiggles your hips to keep the circle going.

This exercise is enough to cause some whittle down on the spare tires and produce an hourglass shape you have been dreaming of.

(VI)Keeps it going: These exercises are designed to be enjoyable. You will be working out while having fun. You need to be dedicated during the training to get better results, and before long, you will be much more robust, happier, and hotter.

How Many Calories Can You Burn Hula Hooping For 10 Minutes?

When you perform a regular Hula Hoop exercise for about 10 minutes, you will burn roughly 100 calories per session.

The repeated movement you will be doing will help you tone most of your abdominal muscles in the process.

With a Weighted Hula Hoop, you can burn roughly 70 calories. That is about seven calories per minute. It will help you tone abs, lose weight, and shrink love handles.

How Many Calories Can You Burn Hula Hooping For 20 Minutes?

Studies show that when you practice with a Normal Hula Hoop, you can burn about 3 to 7 calories per minute depending on which type of hooping style you will be performing and your body metabolic factor, including body composition and weight.

Therefore, you will burn between 180 and 200 calories in 20 minutes with an exhilarating hula hoop workout.

Practicing with a Weighted Hula Hoop is enough to help you shed about 66 calories to 184 calories depending on the bodyweight type of exercise you perform.

This exercise will engage most of your body muscles around the trunk, hip abductor, lower body, back extensors, and lower abdominals.

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