Best juggling kit for beginners (Guide)

Are you looking to start juggling, with so many options out there for juggling equipment it can be hard to know what to choose. (with millions of options over the internet).

Here Is The Best Juggling Kit For A Beginner:

Some of the best quality juggling kits include:

Duncan Toys Juggling Ring (3 pack)

GloFX Juggling Pack (3 pack)

Speevers Xballs Juggling Balls set of 3

URATOT 10 packs Juggling balls

These are four of our favourite brands in the market, all have are made from different materials from leather to plastic to mesh.

In this article we are going to discuss what is the best type of juggling ball to use for a beginner, what is the easiest type, how heavy a ball should be, and reviews of all of our favourite juggling kits.

I am sure this will help you decide on the best type for you.

What Should I Juggle With For Beginners?

When you are preparing to learn how to juggle, you should find suitable balls for your juggling practice experience.

For a beginner, beanbags are the best to practice juggling. Find balls that will not bounce a lot of rolls away when you start to juggle since you will be dropping them a lot before you become a pro.

This will save you a fair bit of doing a lot of running in the initial stage of practice.

You can find a set of beanbags at meager prices in shops, or you can make them at home by hand. Alternatively, you can settle for tennis balls filled with sand or look for a few pennies and cover them with a round balloon.

They will also help you immensely with your practice since they don’t bounce a lot and have a slip-free grip.

The material used to make your juggle balls is also crucial. It may be wise for a beginner to look for balls made with softer materials. Balls made with softer material are more likely to stick on your hands and not bounce aimlessly. They also pose little risk to you and the surrounding people and objects.

The colour of your juggling object also plays an important role. Eye-popping colour objects are more fun ad they can impress you and your peers. They will also help your hand-eye coordination, and you will, in most cases, be able to identify your juggling object quickly during your practice.

What Is The Easiest Thing To Juggle?

The easiest things you can choose to juggle are suitable juggling balls that hold two of them in one hand.

Supposing you cannot find juggling balls, find something soft to practice juggling. For instance, you can choose beanbags, handkerchiefs, or stuffed balls with materials for making beanbags. Here is a good article on juggling balls: which fabric to choose.

It would be best to practice with beanbags rather than balls for a start. This is because you will be dropping your juggle object often, and so you wouldn’t want something that will be rolling too far from you.

However, if you are going to use balls, find balls that are not too light. Anything that weighs less than 80 grams will give you problems when practicing. A slightly heavy ball can be easy to control. Also, avoid something that is over 180 grams.

Another reason balls are more straightforward to juggle than other things like scarves is that they enable you to learn the fundamentals that you need to know on all other juggling movements.

Usually, the juggling balls come with the same weight and size, which are consistent and will make a big difference during your practice session, especially when handling three balls pattern and above.

With each throwing, juggling becomes easier with balls to judge their flight relatively well.

Once you have learned and studied to juggle with balls, you can misrepresent go on to juggle most objects that you come across. The cascading pattern of juggling three balls will prepare you to juggle pretty much everything.

How Heavy Should Juggling Balls Be For Beginners?

A simple answer is to find a ball with a weight size that suits you comfortably.

Juggling balls for a beginner should weigh not more than125 grams. A ball over 150 grams would be too heavy for a beginner to practice with unless you are a tremendous person and over 6 feet tall.

The hand size also plays a big part when choosing your juggling object. For a beginner, the size of juggling balls will depend on your hand’s inches. If your hand is 7.5 inches, a ball that is 65 mm is the best recommendation for you.

These balls will be very comfortable to handle from 3-5. You can still hold 70mm, 75mm, and 80mm as well. Ensure that your chosen balls are not too large to hold with two fingers to avoid making inaccurate first throws.

What Is The Best Juggling Kit For A Beginner?

If you want to begin juggling, the best kit should give you proper coordination and be easier to work and have some fun. They include the following:

(I)Duncan Toys Juggling rings 3-pack: These balls that come in a pack of three are great for beginners and those jugglers who are more advanced. The balls are available in multi colours, and they are made using a four-panel vinyl on the outside, filled on the inside with plastic beans.

This makes them more accessible and comfortable to catch during a practice session. The beans used in the interior also make gripping and grabbing easier. Additionally, the balls are lightweight for young ones to even practice with them, and they do not pose any danger to the surrounding.

(II)GloFX Juggling Balls Pack of 3: This set of balls is suitable for soon-to-be jugglers. They are made using soft, durable leather material on the outside and fitted with micro beans in the interior.

The balls are then stitched together with strong stitches, which are well balanced and given different colors to enable a juggler to have easy hand-eye coordination during the practice.

(III)Speevers Xballs Juggling Balls set of 3: You can order the customization of these balls according to your preference. You can fine-tune the colors of your balls and their weight when you go to purchase them.

Speevers are available in different colours to select and weight options to customize your experience. These balls are also designed to eliminate bouncing and rolling away when an impact occurs. They are soft, waterproof, and can be washed when dirty.

(IV) URATOT 10 packs Juggling balls: These ten-pack kits of balls can suit you at the beginning of your juggling session and when you advance to juggle with more than three balls. If you need more balls to up your game, these are the set of balls to go for.

Each ball in the kit is multi-coloured and uniform. The balls are made using plastic grains and PU material. Additionally, the balls are soft and durable, and they come with a storage bag.

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