Best Juggling Clubs (Top Picks)

Juggling clubs is a great skill to have whether you are beginner, intermediate or an advanced juggler.

Here Are The Best Juggling Clubs:

There are many choices on the market including ones made from wood or plastic. Plastic is a good material choice for a beginner as it is usually hollow in the middle, as wood is heavier.

Some great brands include : Henry’s, Dube and Albatros.

In this article we have reviewed the best brands and recommended juggling clubs for you to consider. So let’s check it out!

What Are The Best Types Of Clubs For A Beginner?

For a beginner, you need to consider clubs that are easier to handle. Moreover, it will enable you to get more acquaintance with juggling. You can view the below type of clubs to start with;

One-piece club

One-piece type of club is fun and bright but super fun for you as a beginner. Besides, they are suitable if juggling indoors, thus good for kids and beginners. You can opt for this type of club to enable you to learn faster.

Clubs differ according to your taste and preferences

For example, you can go to the Higgins Brother spirit club. They are more robust and indestructible and thus very practical to use as a beginner. In addition, they look plain.

Beards circus special

You can opt for the hybrid clubs, which have wrapped plastic handles.

Considerably, they are moderately priced. Thus, suitable for you as a beginner. When you opt for them, durability is at the look, and therefore you don’t need to keep purchasing new ones once you go for juggling.

Part of this is known as Duncan Toy 3850JG, which is available in the market.

Play Prima Pro

This type of club is made heavier and thus has softer plastic.

You won’t miss them as a beginner because you consider them the best for the entry-level. As a juggler, you use the round knob when swinging. Typically, you are assured of safety since they have a warranty of around one year.

Considerably they are one of the juggle dreams used in clubs and suitable for beginners.

What Are The Best Types Of Clubs For A Professional?

As a professional juggler, you are more acquitted of the different types of clubs. Below are the best clubs to use as a professional;

Henrys loop juggling club

Once you use this, you get assurance of impact on the plastic around it. In addition, you are sure of a long lifespan. When using the clubs, your hands don’t get tough; thus easier to use as a professional. Typically, you can juggle for a longer time without getting exhausted.

Ensure you order for the clubs that are long-handled to promote the efficiency of your work.

Dube juggling clubs

You can use them for a diversified purpose. Moreover, you get a set of 3 blue, red, and yellow clubs in color. Dube juggling has a unique design and enables a professional to work well with them. You can also name them composite or multiple clubs.

Dube clubs are eventually very affordable thus fit for you as a professional.

Albatros juggling club

Why not consider this type of club, especially if you are an artist. Besides, it sets up the stage with its classical passing club.

To distinguish it from other clubs, it has a thick and long body with a wrapped handle.

You can’t miss acquiring this type of club to enhance your juggling activities.

How Heavy Should Juggling Clubs Be?

Club weighs around 220 to 240 grams for the indoor choice. In addition, for the outdoor option, you can consider it is weighing 240 to 255 grams. In length, the Dube juggling club ranges from 480-530mm.

What Are Juggling Clubs Made Of?

First, you can construct the plastic clubs using plastics of different shapes, colors, sizes, and weights.

One can make single one-piece clubs using a plastic prop. Their handle tends to be hollow in shape. To establish them, you consider them as being more popular and very durable.

For the multi-piece or composite clubs, you can make them from different materials. Besides, they have a rod that you can fix internally, usually either wood or metal.

You can choose these models of clubs for they are flexible, wrapped with a cloth or plastic at the handle.

Hybrid clubs have foam ends attached on top of the body. Moreover, the limitations formed around serve as protection for the end clubs from any impacts.

In club decoration, if you are one of the club manufacturers, it is essential to choose the decoration side. Besides, it forms one of the marketing strategies for your best juggling clubs.

Multi-piece and one-piece club, ensure you decorate them with a tape which is colored. Ensure you use glittering variations. In addition, this promotes your marketing level for your choice of juggling clubs.

How Do You Make A Wooden Club?

It is of the importance of you to follow the below steps when making a wooden club;

Step 1; Be careful

You have to split, saw and curve.

Establish the know-how to do this. Besides, it makes your work easier when making the wooden club.

Step 2; Tool

Make a point of having a hammer and splitting wedges to enable you split the wood.

Step 3; Availability of material

Have a wood which is a chunk to make the wood club. You can curve the club out so as make your work much easier anyway. Use an oak that is freshly fallen. Make a diameter of 6 inches to make the foot long.

Step 4; Make a rough space.

Split off sap and bark wood and keep one end big and the other small.

Step 5; Test fit

Make the wood that is fit for you. You can test the club and establish if it is working at your best level. Besides, it makes you feel fantastic anyway.

Step 6; Make the handle a rough shape.

Why not use an ax to arrive at the correct desired size for you. Use a carving knife to smoothen your wooden club. Then, there you have it! You are suitable for your wooden juggling club.

In conclusion, choosing the best juggling club is vital since it enables you to juggle efficiently and eventually meet your expectations either as a beginner or a professional.

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