Best Devil Sticks: Consider These Things (Before Purchasing)

Devil sticks are a form of juggling using large juggling batons. Devil sticks are then manipulated to form shapes and movements. Tricks are then formed using your body, and then rolling them to create a cannonball.

Here Are The Best Devil Sticks:

We recommend these famous brands:

Black Majestic

Jolly Lama Majestix

We have detailed in this article, what are devil sticks, where they originated and came from, how to learn how do juggle devil sticks. And lastly a review on our five favourite Devil Sticks so you can have a great idea on which ones are best.

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What Are Devil Sticks?

Devil sticks are tubes that look like large juggling batons. They can be manipulated in a variety of ways to create whimsical shapes and movements.

Tricks depend on the type of devil stick and the kind of skill you want to use when practicing with them, but some common tricks include balancing the Devil Sticks on your arms or thighs, rolling them to create a “cannonball,” and throwing them end over end.

Why Do They Call Them Devil Sticks?

The term “devil sticks” became popularized in the 1980s, when a seminal juggling company called The Gandini Juggling Project used it as their brand.

Other brands have followed suit, and this is now the most common name for these types of sticks.

The term’s origin is still a bit unclear, but most people agree it probably has something to do with the sticks looking like “devil’s tridents.” Devils’ tridents are mythological weapons that very much resemble juggling sticks.

How Do You Learn Devil Sticks?

Devil Sticks can be great fun, but they also take a lot of practice to master. If you’re interested in trying your hand at this hobby, start with some relatively cheap Chinese-made 2-inch pipe devil sticks.

These are good for beginners because they’re very durable and the weight is evenly distributed throughout.

Then, when you’re ready to upgrade your devil sticks, check out some of these great options that include sturdier materials like carbon fiber or wooden handles with polycarbonate ends.

Although it may seem like a simple activity, devil sticks can be quite difficult to master. If you’re interested in trying your hand at this hobby, here are 10 helpful tips you should know:

1.Keep Eyes On The Stick

Keep eyes on the devil stick at all times. This is especially important if you’re practicing to learn new tricks. If you look away, chances are good that it will fall and hit you in the face or on another part of your body.

As you improve, this becomes less of an issue, but it can be very dangerous to lower your eyes when just learning how to maintain control of the devil stick.

2. Start With 2-Inch Pipe Sticks

These are good for beginners because they’re very durable and the weight is evenly distributed throughout.

They only cost a few dollars on Amazon, so you won’t have to worry about breaking or losing them right away. If you find that devil sticks are for you, then you can upgrade to sturdier materials later on.

3. Watch Online Tutorials First

If you really want to learn how to juggle devil sticks, start by watching some online tutorials. This will give you an idea of what techniques and tricks work best with these kinds of props. Then when you’re ready, you can buy the high-quality sticks that will allow you to accomplish these same kinds of tricks.

4. Start With Basic Tricks

Every type of devil stick trick is a little different, but many are based on one simple technique: balancing the stick on your arms or thighs while keeping it upright.

This requires good coordination and balance, so it might be a good idea to experiment with this technique first. When you feel comfortable, there are literally thousands of devil stick tricks you can learn and master.

5. Use A Towel To Catch Sticks

One way to ensure that the devil sticks don’t hurt or injure anyone is by using a towel. Place the towel on the ground so it’s flat, and prop the devil sticks on top of it.

This allows you to catch them as they fall without worrying about anyone tripping over the towels or being injured by a falling stick.

6. Practice In Front Of A Mirror

Devil Sticks can be difficult to master, but practicing in front of a mirror can make them easier to learn.

This is because you can watch yourself in the mirror as you practice your tricks, which allows you to see where you might need more practice or how your movements compare to other people’s.

If possible, try practicing devil sticks outside or somewhere that has a lot of space.

7. Practice At Least 3 Times Each Day

Devil Sticks can be a great stress reliever, but you’ll need to practice them often. This is because it takes time and effort to learn even the simplest of tricks.

If possible, try practicing devil sticks at least three times each day: once in the morning, once during lunch, and again right before bedtime.

8. Avoid Crushing The Joint Of The Sticks

If you find that your devil sticks are falling out of your control, then there might be a problem with the joint where they’re connected. If the joint is too loose, it can cause the props to fall apart while you use them.

On the other hand, if it’s too tight, it can make it difficult to control the sticks. Many users find that they have just the right amount of tension on these joints when they’re completely extended at a 90-degree angle.

9. Keep A Large, Flat Area For Practice

If possible, try keeping a large, flat area available for practicing whenever you use devil sticks.

This will prevent you from accidentally bumping into furniture, tripping over an object, or injuring someone else. If you’re practicing indoors, keep your shoes off so that you don’t slip on smooth surfaces.

10. Practice Your Tricks When You Have Lots Of Energy

Devil Sticks can be tiring if you practice too many tricks at once. Because of this, it’s a good idea to save complex tricks for later in the day.

This way your energy level will be at its highest point, which allows you to perform the best possible version of whatever trick you’re attempting.

What Are The 5 Best Devil Sticks?

Majestix- Juggling Sticks Devil Sticks

Made from durable, lightweight materials that are easy to control. These feature swivel joints for increased user flexibility, which is good for learning complicated tricks. This set contains 3 devil sticks in assorted colors, all of which are made from polyethylene foam with fiberglass rods.

Chuhapll- Professional Juggling Flower Sticks Devil Sticks

These sticks are made from ABS plastic, making them both durable and easy to clean. These come with a storage bag, which makes it easier to take this set on the go and prevent the parts from getting lost. This is a good choice for experienced jugglers who likes more advanced tricks and props. These contain 5 flower devil sticks in assorted colors.

Higgins- Brothers Devil Stick Flower Stick Set

These devil stick props are made from wood, which helps them last longer than other sticks. This is a good choice for beginners who want to learn how to play with devil sticks without spending too much money in the process. This set comes with five flower sticks that are decorated with hand-painted designs.

Black Majestix- Juggling Sticks Devil Sticks

This set comes with three sticks in assorted colours, all of which are made from lightweight materials that are easy to control. This is a good choice for anyone who wants to start juggling or just play around with devil sticks at their leisure. These jump sticks have swivel joints that allow you to do more complicated tricks.

Jolly Lama Majestix- Glow in The Dark Juggling Devil Sticks

This glow-in-the-dark set of devil sticks lets you enjoy having fun at night. This set contains 3 sticks that are made from ABS plastic, which makes them easy to clean and control. These come with resin rings on the ends of the rods, which help stabilize the props while you’re using them for juggling.

These are the most important things to keep in mind when you play with devil sticks. By following these tips, you’ll be able to perform more complicated tricks without injuring yourself or others.

This list describes the five best devil sticks for juggling on Amazon for both beginner and experienced users alike. If you’re serious about learning how to use devil sticks, then this list is worth checking out.

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