5 Ways You Can Start Cascade Juggling

Cascade juggling is one of the most popular patterns as it looks great and is impressive to watch.

Here Is How You Do Cascade Juggling:

To start cascade juggling you need to:

Start With Two Balls And throw from your dominant hand

Practice this over and over

Make sure that your throws don’t go all sideways

If you have two balls in each hand, you are now ready for a double cascade.

Throughout this article we will discuss cascade juggling and how to do it, how to do a reverse cascade, also with some moves to avoid while juggling. Thanks for reading.

How Do You Do Cascade Juggling?

Cascade juggling is when you have a stack of balls in the air and you throw one ball from the top. The balls cascade down in a line to your hand. It’s a really popular juggling pattern because it looks so cool!

Here Are Tips For Learning Cascade Juggling:

1. Start With Two Balls and Throw From Your Dominant Hand

To start, you need to have two balls in your dominant hand. If you’re right-handed, that’s your right hand.

Throw the first ball up and then catch it with your other hand. Now, throw the second ball directly down into the space between your hands. Catch the first ball as it comes down from above. Then, catch the second ball.

Now, you’ve just done a cascade.

2. Practice Lots!

Cascade juggling is really fun, but it’s also really challenging to learn! It takes time and practice. Juggling for 20 minutes each day will help you get better at juggling much faster than practicing for 10 minutes one day and then not again for a week or two.

3. Don’t All Your Throws Go Sideways?

If you’re having trouble with the cascade, it’s important to know that not all of your throws should go sideways. You can throw up and then across at the same time to give yourself more chances to catch the ball.

4. What Do I Do With The Other Hand?

If you have two balls in each hand, you’re ready to juggle double-cascade! If you only have one ball in your non-dominant hand, throw it up across your body. Catch the other ball that goes up and then come back down with the other ball. Now that you’ve learned how to do cascade juggling, you’re ready for another pattern: reverse cascade juggling!

How Do You Do Reverse Cascade Juggling?

A reverse cascade is when the balls fall down in a stack and then back up into the air. It’s a little bit harder than regular cascade juggling – but it still looks amazing.

Here’s How To Learn Reverse Cascade Juggling:

1. Start With One Ball And Then Add The Other Two

To start, hold a ball in your preferable hand (the one you use most) and one in your less dominant hand. Throw the ball in your less dominant hand from underneath up into the air. Catch it on top of the other ball in your less dominant hand.

Now, throw the ball in your preferable hand up into the air. Catch it on top of the other two balls.

You’ve done a reverse cascade!

2. Don’t Just Drop The Third Ball

If you have two balls in one hand and only one in the other, you’re ready to juggle reverse cascade! You need to toss the ball in your less dominant hand up. Then, toss the other ball up into the air fast. Catch both balls on top of each other. Throw the third ball underneath and then catch it on top of all three balls.

3. Practice Spacing Out The Throws And Cuts

If you’re having trouble juggling this pattern, it might help to practice a little bit in between each cascade. Practice doing cuts with your dominant hand first. Then, do cuts with both of your hands at the same time. If you have trouble catching the ball on top of all three balls, try spacing out your throws and catches instead.

4. Don’t Hold The Bottom Ball For Too Long

If you’re just starting to learn to juggle reverse cascade, it might be harder than the regular pattern at first. Try not to hold the bottom ball for too long before you catch it. If you can’t do that, try catching each ball as soon as you throw it up in the air.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice!

You can practice juggling a reverse cascade anywhere! You don’t need a special place or anything – you can just juggle in your house or outside if it’s not too windy. Juggling is a really great hobby to have because it’s fun and relaxing at the same time. It can also be a great workout!

6. Try To Practice For Ten Minutes A Day, Two Or Three Times A Week

As with regular cascade juggling, you should practice reverse cascade for ten minutes every day if you want to learn to juggle quickly. Try practicing two or three times each week, too. You could even try practicing some of the other juggling patterns, too!

Can You Cascade 4 Balls?

Yes, you can cascade 4 balls like this:

1. You start with 2 hands instead of 1 (so that’s two more balls into the mix). So on the first throw, you do a front-back throw – it will go behind your back and in your other hand. Then on the second throw, you do a front-front throw, which goes in front of your body.

2. For the third ball you do a back-back throw (which will go behind your back) and on the fourth throw, you do a front-front again.

3. On the fifth throw you do a back-back again (which will go behind your back). You can use this as a pattern if you’re juggling 5 balls too, but it will be much harder though.

Here is a good article on how to juggle 4 balls.

Thing To Avoid To Successfully Do Cascade Juggling:

1. Keep your throws as consistent as possible

If the ball is too low, then it’s going to be much harder to catch and you might drop it or let it bounce on the ground a little bit before catching it. Try not to throw the ball upwards very much, otherwise, you will have a hard time catching it after that throw.

2. Pretend your hands are springs

If you can pretend that your hand is actually a spring and just bounce the ball to catch it again, then you will catch the ball much easier. You could also try high-fiving or bumping fists with yourself every time you do a cascade throw. I know this sounds silly, but it works!

3. Pretend that you can juggle for a LONG time

If you want to get good at juggling, then you need to trick yourself into thinking that you can juggle forever and ever until the cows come home. This will make your hands go much faster and catch the ball a lot easier. You NEED to think of it as a competition! You could try having a stopwatch and seeing how long you can juggle for, or even race against your friends.

Cascade juggling is a very fun and challenging hobby to have. It takes a lot of practice to get good at it, but with patience and persistence, you can become an expert juggler in no time! In this article, we’ve provided some tips on how to improve your skills at cascade juggling. We’ve also shared some advice on what to avoid so that you don’t drop any balls while juggling. Have fun practicing and always remember to keep trying your best!

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